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These links refer to regional resources relating to geospatial and GIS data and products, spanning multiple disciplines.


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Great Lakes Atlas
This Environmental Atlas and Resource Book is an excellent resource on the Great Lakes, including physical characteristics, natural processes, people, concerns, joint management and new directions (mirrored on Environment Canada's site).

Center for Emerging Technologies
Government Information Exchange
Search for topics at all U.S. federal government web sites.

Federal Geographic Data Committee
National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI)
The NSDI encompasses policies, metadata standards, and procedures for organizations to cooperatively produce and share geographic data.

National Imagery and Mapping Agency
U.S. Imagery and Maps
National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) has developed a standard digital dataset (Digital Terrain Elevation Data (DTED®) Level 0) as well as other datasets. DTED® Level 0 elevation post spacing is 30 arc second (nominally one kilometer).

Natural Resources Canada
Canada Centre for Remote Sensing
A national program in remote sensing in cooperation with other agencies of the Government of Canada, provincial governments, industry and Canadian universities.

Natural Resources Conservation Service
NRCS GIS and Data Sites

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Geospatial Data Clearinghouse Node

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Geographic Information Systems

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
GIS-Decision Support System (DSS) Committee
The Core Group formed by the committee examines the role that geospatial data, technologies, and analyses plays in the implementation of an ecosystem approach to management in the Great Lakes basin.

U.S. Geological Survey
Geography Information
USGS Geography (formerly Mapping) provides scientific information to describe and interpret America's landscape by mapping the terrain, monitoring changes over time, and analyzing how and why these changes have occurred.


GIS Program
Great Lakes Commission
This project will ensure quick and efficient access to accurate Great Lakes spatial data for the widest possible group of interested parties and will provide a solid foundation for interagency spatial data sharing and collaboration across the binational region.

Idrisi Project
Clark Labs
Clark Labs is a non-profit research organization within the Graduate School of Geography at Clark University. Activities undertaken by the Labs include: the development, distribution and support of the raster Geographic Information System and Image Processing software IDRISI and the vector digitizing and editing software CartaLinx.

Institute for Geospatial Research & Education (IGRE)
Eastern Michigan University
The Institute's Mission is to support the public and private implementation and use of geospatial technology.

Lake Superior Decision Support Project
The Lake Superior Decision Support Project is an effort to develop GIS-based decision support applications focused on the Lake Superior Basin. The site maintains several data layers within a 50 kilometer buffer of Lake Superior.

Minnesota GIS/LIS Consortium
The Minnesota GIS/LIS Consortium is a forum for communicating information to, and improving cooperation among, those interested in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Land Information Systems (LIS) in the State of Minnesota.

National States Geographic Information Council
The purpose of NSGIC is "to encourage effective and efficient government through the coordinated development of geographic information and technologies to ensure that information may be integrated at all levels of government."

PaMAGIC - Pennsylvania Mapping and Geographic Information Consortium
To provide "the Citizens of Pennsylvania will have a coordinated, flexible, and integrated geographical information infra-structure to support better decision making and more efficient use of limited resources."

Wisconsin Land Information Association
Promoting Land Information Systems and Land Records Moderization.

State and Provincial

Chicago Region Clearinghouse Cooperative
A multi-organizational spatial data Clearinghouse for the greater Chicago Region (including participants from Northwest Indiana).

Illinois Geographic Information Council
To provide the leadership necessary to effectively and efficiently integrate Geographic Information Management Technology (GIMT) on a statewide basis, ensuring that GIMT is used as a strategic resource for the State of Illinois.

Inside Illinois
Run by the state of Illinois, it has information for everyone, providing a growing selection of useful information and maps.

Indiana Spatial Data Portal
Indiana University
This site provides access to over 400 Gigabytes of Indiana GIS data. Most datasets are available to the public for download and have no use restrictions.

Lake Rim GIS
Center for Geospatial Data Analysis at the Indiana Geological Survey (IGS)
The Coastal Coordination Program, Indiana Department of Environmental Management, and Indiana Geological Survey collaborated to develop the Lake Michigan Lake Rim Geographic Information System (GIS). One of the goals for the Lake Rim GIS is to facilitate public access to and analysis of environmental data for Indiana's coastal region.

Census and statistical data for Michigan
State of Michigan

GIS Management Unit
Wayne County's GIS initiative. It contains the general information and a map gallery.

Michigan Geological Mapping
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)
A cooperative effort to map in detail the surface formations and understand their relationships and characteristics.

Spatial Data Library
Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
Providing easy access to GIS data in support of holistic ecosystem management.

Interagency Information Cooperative
Enhancing the access and use of forest resources data in Minnesota.

Land Management Information Center
Minnesota Planning offers services to improve the effective use of geographic information in Minnesota.

New York
New York State GIS Clearinghouse
The Clearinghouse, operated by the New York State Library, was established to disseminate information about New York's Statewide GIS Coordination Program and to provide access to the New York State GIS Metadata and Data Repository.

Geographic Information Systems
Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
The GIS Unit provides geo-referenced data, geographical analysis and map products to the Division of Surface Water.

Ohio EPA, Division of Surface Water
This online tutorial will introduce you to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and lead you through GIS concepts, from the basics to advanced analysis. You'll also find numerous applications of GIS in water resource management.

OGRIP - Ohio Geographically Referenced Information Program
OGRIP is an organization whose goals are to encourage the creation of digital geographic data of value to multiple users, foster the ability to easily determine what geographic data exists and foster the ability to easily access and use this data.

Land Information Ontario
The Ontario government established Land Information Ontario (LIO) to harmonize and standardize land information management in the province.

Geographic Data Center
Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection's GIS site.

GENIE Network
Environment Canada
The Green Lane Quebec region's GENIE network (Georeference Environmental Network for Information Exchange) uses the Internet to facilitate cooperation between the various intervenors during an environmental emergency.

DNR Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
Geographic Information System (GIS) technology is in use at the DNR to enable timely, efficient, and effective access to information about the state's land, water, and air resources.

Wisconsin State Cartographer's Office
Great mapping and GIS references for the state of Wisconsin.


Autodesk - GIS Product Index
Best known for their AutoCAD software, they have also come out with a suite of GIS applications.

GIS software company specializing in transportation.

Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI)
One of the leading GIS software companies, ESRI is responsible for programs such as Arc/Info, ArcView and MapObjects.

One of the leading provider of Geographic Imaging products and related services. Their main products include ERDAS IMAGINE and ArcView Image Analysis.

Geographic Data Technology (GDT)
GIS software company specializing in niche market applications.

Intergraph GIS
Once known for marketing Microstation, they have since developed GeoMedia as their own GIS software package.

MapInfo is a leading software supplier that produces several GIS applications including MapInfo Professional, MapMaker and MapX.

PCI Geomatics
A leading developer of geomatics software and solutions based on its remote sensing, digital photogrammetry, spatial analysis, and cartographic editing programs.

Space Imaging
Provides a various types of imagery, including different resolutions of satellite images to synthetic aperture radar.

Spot Image
French company that sells images from their fleet of satellites.

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